"The kitschiest stop on the New York bar-hopping circuit is the 1,800 square-foot Trailer Park Lounge and Grill in the Chelsea neighborhood. Trailer Park Lounge is the creative genius of Andy Spiro, who along with co-owner Tom McKay, has spent years collecting plastic flamingoes, bowling alley accouterments, Elvises on velvet, issues of The National Enquirer, books by Kathie Lee Gifford and the front seat of a '68 Olds. It's all on view from the 22-seat bar, which dispenses a made-for-two Paradise Hawaiian Style cocktail (three rums, pineapple brandy and passion fruit juice, served in a pineapple). From the kitchen comes mac & cheese and turkey chili like your old lady used to sling at you."
                                                                                USA TODAY

"You don't have to wear fringe or Daisy Dukes to get in to Chelsea's Trailer Park Madonna, Debbie Harry, Mandy Moore and Ethan Hawke are all fans. Named one the top five kitschiest bars in the country by the Food Network, it's like a backyard barbecue tornado-bait style with an actual trailer mounted on the wall, a bathtub full of beer bottles and picnic fare like BLT's and burgers."
                                                                      The New York Post

"Kitsch is the big surf of washed-up popular culture. At Trailer Park, Tom McKay and Andy Spiro, the owners, have assembled it as scientifically as a zoo environment. And, on Wednesday, at the nightly happy hour, patrons inhaled it, grazed on it, rolled in it, as if it were a natural habitat. boxed in by Tammy Faye photos, Dolly Parton dolls, jars of Marshmallow Fluff and the side of a trailer, which forms one wall, the party animals never smelled containment."
                                                                    The New York Times

"Tiki Tacky Time: Andy Spiro had a soft spot for trailer parks ever since he lived in one as a young boy, when he was barely taller than a plastic flamingo. 'We're not here to mock anyone,' Spiro stresses. 'If you look closely, you'll see there's no mention of religion, sex or politics save for one picture of Billy Carter over there.' Their trailer-park cuisine grilled fat dogs, turkey chili and mac & cheese is surprisingly good, and relatively healthy. Everything is grilled, except for the fried sweet potatoes, which are dusted with brown sugar and cinnamon. 'It's hard to come in here and not smile at something.' says Spiro."
                                    Chez Pascale, The New York Daily News

"The Trailer Park Lounge and Grill is a Tonya Harding, Billy Carter, Tammy Faye Bakker kind of place parked in the land of skyscrapers, Armani suits and Park Ave. princesses. In eschewing all things haute, the Trailer Park Lounge traces its decor to the interior of the '50's era mobile homes. Its cuisine takes inspiration from the fare mama used to sling in the the general direction of the formica table every night at 5. The Trailer Park has enjoyed more than 15 minutes of fame. Leno's chatted about it on late-night television. Three networks have done features on it. It's even made the cover of USA Today."
                                                               The Milwaukee Journal

"We found tackier pleasures think Tonya Harding, Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, or even a little Rheingold Beer as we embraced our inner Mandrell Sister and trucked over to visit the new lovely lounge in Chelsea, The Trailer Park. The delirious decor which features bowling alley lockers, Catherine Bach in her Daisy Dukes, and a big old trailer, tries hard for kitsch and succeeds festively. It's a little bit of Branson right here in New York City."
                                                                           NEXT Magazine


"We found this great place after seeing it on the Food Network. When you walk in it looks like you are going back in time to an old trailer park. Lots of Elvis stuff and even a trailer. Good food that was served up fast with sweet potato fries. Inexpensive, fun place to eat. You'll probably want to bring a camera."

"This place is great. Come for a burger and a beer. You won't be disappointed. I usually come before going to a movie at the Clearview across the street. If you don't' like the sweet potato fries, then just order the tater tots."

"Just make sure you don't eat lunch before going here for dinner because everything is in massive portions here! An order, or I should say, a basket of tater tots go a long way! enough to feed three people at least! Their hot dogs have girth and weight to 'em as well! The drinks are well made. And if you're looking for simple food in huge quantities (Texas tourists take note of this) then this is it! And after you're beefed up on those burgers and hot dogs, don't forget to test your skills on the "arm strengthening" machine! You'll be surprised with the results!"

"Pure awesome. I can't remember the last time I ate tater tots and a sloppy joe. The decor totally makes the restaurant, though."

"Where to start? Been frequenting this wonderfully kitschy establishment since its opening just a few short years back. The drinks are fun and the service is solid. The margaritas get my nod as some of the best in town. The burgers are tasty, as are most of the other items on the small menu that has been tailored to the decor. Where else can you find tater tots as an option to fries? The crowd can get a little dense at times. Seems to attract a lot of office groups as well as teams from the various Chelsea Piers leagues. A solid crowd of regulars has kept the place from becoming just another one hit wonder, though. Pull up a stool and order a coldie. There's always something to see at the Trailer Park."

"We found this great place after seeing it on the Food Network. When you walk in, it looks like you are going back in time to an old trailer park. Lots of Elvis stuff and even a trailer. Good food that was served up fast with sweet potato fries. I am not a fan of sweet potatoes, but these were really good. Beer from a can or a few on tap. Typical American foods like burgers, dogs, grilled cheese. Inexpensive, fun place to eat. You'll probably want to bring your camera."
(RATING: 5 out of 5 stars)

"Follow a down-home, friendly server past the bowling ball return that serves as a cocktail table and the honest-to-goodness trailer to a table along the wall. By then you'll have probably absorbed enough calculated kitsch to focus on the food, instead of on the photo..."

"Interesting and unusual decor, cool! A must-see, must-go kind of place if you're in the Chelsea area."

"A kitschy, tacky down-home version of a trailer park in NYC. Believe me, I know, being a former resident of 'Shady Brook' Trailer Park in N.C.. Best burger and mac & cheese I've had since I was back home. Margaritas should come with a warning sign, they're seriously potent. Great staff, really dynamite joint."
(RATING: 5 out of 5 stars)

"I have one word for you margaritas. Hit them here and hit them hard. They are the best margaritas I have ever slurped out of a plastic glass, and they do not skimp on the ingredients. Every night there is a special during Happy Hour, which is $5 margaritas. Don't miss it."

"If you're looking for a fun place to have a few drinks with your friends, Trailer Park is a great choice. Decked out in all its kitschy glory, there's a female mannequin submerged in a bathtub full of ice and PBR's, and the walls feature pictures of Elvis and plenty of paraphernalia to keep you amused should your companions need to hit the loo."

"I went there for lunch and was very happy with it. Great service. HILARIOUS and campy atmosphere and the food is as good as what maw makes. Try the mac & cheese, you won't be disappointed. The sweet potato fries are also very tasty. The next time I am in NYC, I am going back!"